Buying New Tubes
For The
Philco Predicta (Pedestal)
Model 4654
10DE7 10DE7 10EW7
$ 3.00 
Vertical Oscillator and Output
12CA5 12CA5 12EH5
$ 4.00 
Audio Output
12D4 12D4 12AX4GTB, 12DM4, 12DQ4
$ 2.00 
3AU6 3AU6 3BA6, 3CF
$ 2.00 
S I F (Signal Intermediate Frequency)
3BN6 3BN6
$ 2.00 
Discriminator and Audio Amplifier
5AM8 5AM8
$ 2.00 
3rd IF Detector
6AW8 6AW8 6AU8, 6BA8, 6JV8, 6KS8, 6LF8
$ 4.00 
Video Out & Noise Inverter
6BZ6 6BZ6 6DC6, 6HQ6, 6JH6
$ 4.00 
2nd IF Detector (two required)
6BZ6 6BZ6 6DC6, 6HQ6, 6JH6
$ 4.00 
2nd IF Detector (two required)
6CG7 6FQ7
$ 9.00 
Horizontal Oscillator
9BR7 9BR7
$ 2.00 
Sync Sep & Phase Combiner
1G3 J6 1G3-GTA, 1K3-A
$ 3.00 
High Voltage Rectifier
SF21A SF21A Picture Tube
$ 2.00 
(Tuner with Shield)
4BC8 4BQ7A, 4BS8, 4BX8, 4BZ7, 4BZ8, 5BK7A
$ 2.00 
(Tuner with Shield)

Substituting Tubes
Remember going to the grocery store with a bag of tubes?
If they did not have the tube you needed, you could look it up in the "substitution book"
I always wondered -- "If the tube was actually the same, why did it have a different number?"

I had a substituted tube in my Predicta, I used this chart/link to double check.  When I bought new tubes, I replaced it with the original type.
The Online Tube Substituting Chart

Buying Tubes at the Y2K  (2000)
Though I have designed many electronic circuits, both analog and digital, I never designed anything that used tubes.  I figured that it would be next to impossible to find replacement tubes for the Predicta.  To my surprise, on the internet, you can buy just about any tube, brand new.  It seems that in Russia, China and a few other Eastern countries, they still manufacture tubes abundantly.  Lucky for me!

Check out these sources for purchasing tubes, actually much less expensive than they were 30 years ago!

I ordered from:
Radio Electronic Supply
Here is my order confirmation:

Electron Tube Enterprises

Brent Jessee Recording

Old Picture Tubes
I am really not sure that you can buy a new picture tube for a Predicta, but I ran across this site and thought I should include it here.

Harry Poster

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