Edison Cynlinder Records

The sound you hear "Mary had a little lamb..." is actually Thomas Edison
and the first sound he recorded on his phonograph invention.
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When I was really young, probably 8 or 10 years old, I remember visiting my Aunt Rose in Hutchinson, Kansas.  As our parents would visit, my sisters and I would snoop around Aunt Rose's house and the neighborhood.

One of the great adventures was to play the cylinder records on the old Edison Phonograph she kept in the basement.  That phonograph originally belonged to my mother's grandfather.  It is still in the family and someday I hope to have it as my own.  Mom tells a great story about what it was like to have such a phonograph be the main source of entertainment for the family.


One of my favorite records was "Gasoline Gus" sung by Bill Murray.  I also really loved the "Uncle Josh" records.  Uncle Josh was guy named Cal Stewart.  His records were about a simpler time just after the turn of the century.  Ada Jones, can be heard on both the Uncle Josh and Billy Murray records.  She is often, if not always, the woman's voice, in song and spoken word.  Ada Jones also has quite a repertoire and I have included some of her recordings as well.

Here are my two favorites.  Click on the  below to hear each recording.  Then, you can also listen to my collection of Uncle Josh and Billy Murray and Ada Jones records.  Have fun and enjoy this special time in our history. 

"Uncle Josh Keeps House" -- The most memorable of all the Uncle Josh Cylinders.  Edison Amberol #75 recorded in 1908 

"Gasoline Gus and His Jitney Bus"  --  A popular automobile song from Edison Blue Amberol #2684, recorded on June 21st 1915.

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