Second Reunion of the 54th Troop Carrier Wing and Related Groups

June 9-12, 1994

After our first reunion, several suggested we should invite anyone who had served in any of the groups under the 54th Wing, especially the 374th, since originally the 54th Wing was formed from that group. We learned that some groups and squadrons had been holding reunions, but some had never started even to compile a mailing list.

After deciding on June 9-12, 1994, at St. Louis, MO, for the next reunion, notices were sent to many veterans newsletters and magazines. Again new names were added to our computer list.

We bought a "Phonedisc, USA" CD for our computer, and spent hours looking for names and addresses of more 54th Wing veterans. What a thrill each time a new guy was found! However, again it was sad to hear from family members of the death of some of our Wing members.

Morris Sherman wrote offering to be our on-site host in st. Louis. What a great job he did, making all the arrangements at the Holiday Inn. He also planned our visits to Scott AFB, The Casino Queen Boat, and the Botanical Gardens. Our speaker for the Saturday night dinner was Col. John D. Hopper from Scott AFB. (He since has been promoted and is commander at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.)

Sherman's able helpers included Charles Miller and Bill Grisbeck. Bill and his wife did a great job as hospitality hosts. Other committee members were Jay Heckman, Stan Zakheim, Dan Brennan, and Emilio Parese, who provided us with commemorative caps. Incidentally, he had done that for the first reunion also.

An added attraction was the "Evolution of U. S. Air Power" display of 560 (72nd scale) aircraft donated to us by E. Michael Gyerman, Col. USAF (Ret).

By now we had over 300 on our mailing list. 51 veterans plus 36 family members came. We agreed to meet in two years, but this time in the fall to avoid graduations and family vacations. Several suggested places near them and it was agreed that whoever came forward first volunteering to host our reunion would get the job.

We would love to include some pictures you have or other written material. Just get it to us anyway you can.

Don't Worry -- We will return any photos you send.

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